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Marianna Seaton is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes drawing, painting, printmaking,  sculpture, and installation.  Her work considers personal habits, systems of every day survival, and concerns for the environment and humanity.  She explores common objects, such as the cardboard box, to examine nuances of contemporary life.   

Her abstract drawings include direct rubbings, tracings, and multiple forms of mark making that relate to movement through the landscape.  Sculptural installations embrace the mood of often overlooked objects and structures that are depended upon.  She uses her art making to cultivate awareness, and to reflect upon her contributions in the globalized world.  

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Marianna grew up in an entrepreneurial family with depression era parents.  They valued repurposing materials and limiting waste.  They had maker's hands.  Her work reflects on this sense of thriftiness, stewardship, and creativity.  Marianna has lived and worked in North Texas since 1998.





































Master of Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting

University of North Texas

Denton, TX

Bachelor of Science, Human and Family Development

Empire State College, State University of New York

Saratoga Springs, NY


Open House

Solo Exhibition

Anna Street Studios, Denton, TX


Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX

TAC (Texas Artist Coalition) Juried Exhibition

Arts Fort Worth

Ft. Worth, TX


Golden Anecdoche

Thesis Exhibition 

University of North Texas, Cora Stafford Gallery, Denton, TX

The Picnic Show

Risenshine Gallery, Denton, TX

Voyages of Discovery

Union Gallery, Denton, TX

Leydon Curatorial Projects

Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, TX

Drawing Room Two

Cedar Valley College, Lancaster, TX

Draft Motors

UNT on the Square, Denton, TX


Cora Stafford Gallery, Denton, TX

Drawing & Painting Invitational

Lightwell Gallery, Denton, TX

Drawing & Painting Invitational

Cora Stafford Gallery, Denton, TX

Drawing Invitational

Environmental Gallery, Denton, TX

Mural Project

Lightwell Gallery, Denton TX

Drawing Invitational

Lightwell Gallery, Denton, TX








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